Membership fees.

The Partnership members’ fees are divided into mandatory and voluntary ones. The mandatory ones include the fee to the Compensation Fund, the admission fee and the annual membership fee. Each Partnership member has the right to provide additional financial assistance to the Partnership as donations and target contributions at any time and without restrictions.


Mandatory contributions


The fee to the Compensation Fund and the entrance fee are one-time cash fees from the Partnership candidate for the Partnership admission.


When joining the Partnership an Applicant shall pay the fee to the Compensation Fund, the admission fee and the annual membership fee within three (3) days from the date of the Statement of Control Committee signed by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


Subsequently, each annual membership fee shall be payable within ten (10) days on the occurrence of a new calendar year from the date of issue of the Membership Certificate.


Mandatory fee rates


According to the General Meeting resolution of NP Water well drillers association members issued on May 29, 2012 the following mandatory contribution rates are set since June 1, 2012:


Entrance fee: 40 000 rubles (forty thousand rubles)


The fee to the Compensation Fund: 30 000 (thirty thousand rubles)


Annual membership fee: the amount of annual membership fee is set according to the number of work types, which may be performed by a member of NP Water well drillers association.


The minimum deposit makes 50 000 (fifty thousand rubles). It corresponds to the list of work types specified in the List № 1.


Also a Partnership member may add to the mandatory list some additional types of work if applicable. The List of work types and the prices are provided in the Lists № 2 and № 3.

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